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Drug Testing Services
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CAP Oral Fluid FDT Accredited: 7211231
CAP Urine FDT Accredited: 7211231
CAP Clinical Laboratory Accredited: 7173101
HHS CLIA certified: 34D0987682
DATIA accredited

Regulatory Requirements: Sciteck Clinical Laboratory is one of the largest oral fluid testing laboratories in the country. Sciteck's forensic workplace and clinical drug testing methods and procedures meet or exceed CLIA, FDA, CAP Clinical and CAP Forensic Drug Testing requirements. Our proprietary oral fluid and urine testing technology and development uses state of the art GCMS and LCMSMS-Triple Quad instruments enabling us to provide the leading edge testing for our customers.

Sciteck® is CAP Forensic Drug Testing (FDT) CAP and CLIA / HHS Accredited as Follows:
CAP FDT Accredited for Oral Fluid / Saliva
CAP FDT Accredited for Urine
CAP Clinical Laboratory Accredited
HHS CLIA Certified

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Saliva Drug Testing

Oral Fluid Collection Devices:

Sciteck Oral Fluid Collector

Sciteck Patented Split Collector


Saliva Split Collector Insert


Currently in development,  is Sciteck’s proprietary paperless web-based digital Chain-of-Custody Form. It is designed to help you improve your Collection Process. Once you’ve logged in through our secure socket, you can fill out the Chain-of-Custody online in pre-populated fields which will save time, money and cut down on errors that can cause "Fatal Flaws".


Point of Collection Testing Device Kits and Services Information

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ParentCheck®                       WorkCheck®

Diagnostic Products

Patent Ribbon Logo 29 Patents

Sciteck® Diagnostics (formerly Chimera Research) has been selling adulteration and urinalysis reagents and products for Clinical and Drug Testing laboratories since 1989. We were the first to patent, develop and market products for automated adulteration testing, on-site adulteration test strips and liquid automated urinalysis reagents for autoanalyzers. We have been awarded 29 U.S. and Foreign Patents and have over 20 pending in the fields of urinalysis, drug testing, safety and other products and technology. Our main product lines are:

SVT™ Adulteration Test Reagents

AutoUA® Automated Urinalysis Reagents

AdultaCheck® On-Site Adulteration Test Strips

SVT®, SAM-SET™ & UR-N-CONTROL™Adulteration Cals & QC

beakers1_thumb.jpg Adulteration Reagents
teststrips_thumb.jpg On-Site Adulteration
Test Strips
Adulteration Calibrators
& Controls (SVT™, SAM-SET™ & UR-N Control™)
autoUA_thumb.jpg Automated Urinalysis

Sciteck Product Catalog

Sciteck Catalog Cover

Learn More:

What is Adulteration Testing / Specimen Validity Testing (SVT™)?

What are the regulations concerning Adulteration Testing (SVT™)?

Who was the first to invent, develop and market adulteration reagents?


Automated Urinalysis (AutoUA®)

What Are Adulterants?


Ordering and Sales Information

Sciteck® Diagnostics
PO Box 562
Arden, NC 28704 USA
Telephone: 800-749-4537
Outside US: 828-650-0407 / 828-650-0408
Fax: 828.650.2735

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